the careys

the careys
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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Woke up this morning feeling fine......

Today can seriously fcuk off!!

Woke up this morning, ready for my lecture and then an afternoon of writing my dissertation, to find Mark hovering in the bedroom door. I assumed he had overslept but, no, his car wouldn't go above 2nd gear so limped back home and called the RAC. I have drove the car for almost 7 years, yet, Mark has it for 2 months and guess what???
The RAC eventually take it to a garage of our choice and this afternoon we find out that the auto-transmission oil, that should be pink, is actually black! ie/burnt.
Oil has been drained (5 out of 7 ltr) and replaced and the car is now selecting all gears BUT it is really clunky when changing from drive to reverse etc. If it improves then we will replace the oil again next week and if doesn't improve it means a new gear box :(

Going back to this morning, Jason was up from the small hours with some weird rash and his usual cough and snotty nose (thanks glue ear) and he was having weird breathing episodes.
So, instead of going to my lecture, Jason and I went to see our lovely GP. Who diagnosed an allergic reaction and the lumpy rash is actually Uticaria and now has piriton. No idea what he reacted to though and my happy little boy is now full of weird welts!

On the subject of welts and lumps, I have a weird lump on my face that would rival the one on Nanny McPhee's face. FML.

So, I missed my lecture, have done zero work on my dissertation and I now have to find £££ to pay for a new gear box (Although I am hoping that the oil change will do the trick despite our mechanic saying he had never seen oil that black, I can live in hope eh!)

I would like to have a hissy fit and just go to bed now but instead I shall be burning the midnight oil once again.
Tonight shall be sponsored by Rekorderlig.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

As one door closes, another one opens.

A whole month has passed since I have had the opportunity to post! The summer holidays are a distant memory and 'normal' life has resumed (aka, busy as FxCK)

I have settled into my new job and thankfully my training period ends on Saturday so from next week I will just be doing my contracted hours, the extra hours, along with everything else is doing me in!

Uni started at the beginning of this month, final year! The pressure is on now as 75% of my marks count this year. Hope I can keep achieving what I have been do far and get the First Class degree that I really want but a good 2:1 will do just fine too.
I still don't know where I will be this time year and that scares me the most! I am applying to various graduate schemes, one I have been unsuccessful for, and I have been accepted onto a masters course in Social Policy next September. I am just applying for everything that interests me and shall see what happens.
My CV is taking shape and I have am building portfolio of the work I have been doing the last two years showcase my skills and experience so I can hopefully kick arse in the job market when the times right.

I had an interview last night to join the panel of candidates for local council elections and I found out this morning that I was successful!
This means that when a vacancy arises I will be put forward for local election and if elected I will be Councillor Claire Carey :)
A wise woman had a bet with me last year that I would end up doing something political, I think it's safe to say that she has won the bet. So if you read this, Karen, I am ready to accept my forfeit...

Now back to my assignments.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Us and Them

Well this has been an interesting couple of days!  It started with having a question I sent to Jeremy Corby being read out on Prime Ministers Question time and then being invited to Newsnight to give my response to David Cameron.
I didn't know what I was going to be asked beforehand and I was only on for about 90 seconds.

My question, which was edited slightly, was asking how it is fair that despite working hard, ALL families will see their tax credit award decrease from next year.

David Cameron didn't really answer this question, he just stated that the 'rise' in national minimum wage was bringing people out of poverty and people needed to be encouraged back to work.

Firstly, although I agree the NMW has stopped the exploitation of some workers, anecdotally, my wage 20 years ago was only £1 an hour below the current minimum wage, so hardly progressive. Wages have stagnated and the blame could be on the Government for indirectly allowing employers to keep wages low or the blame could be laid directly onto employers for exploiting the NMW, either way the need for tax credits has risen since its introduction, including payments for childcare.
Interestingly, through simple calculations, a family earning 25k with two children paying full childcare will be awarded slightly more than a family earning 25k with five children without childcare. The system is complex and is certainly not black and white.

So, since Newnight, a tabloid hack from the Torygraph decided to write an article about 'Claire' based on her assumptions, which then received many replies from readers who added to them (some are about me, some are about people in general). Here are a few:

  • I am lazy for working part-time
  • I have never worked full time
  • I have never paid tax or NI
  • Volunteering, being a carer, or studying is not acceptable
  • Staying at home/working part time is lazy
  • Working full time is leaving your children to be raised by others
  • I am about 30 years of age (I like this one)
  • Women who have lots of child are not intelligent!!!
  • Its highly unlikely a woman who has been raising her children can earn above minimum wage
  • My children would be better of without me
  • I am fat (obviously I am!, however, they presume I don't care or that I am not doing anything about it)
  • We are a 'blended' family and I have 5 kids to 5 dads!
  • I am not married
  • I had kids to claim benefits and refuse to work harder
  • We use food banks, cry poverty, despite earning a middle income wage
  • No-one who requires help from tax credits/child benefit should have children, so therefore only high earner should reproduce.
  • I will never amount to much
  • Working, studying, volunteering is impossible with 5 children.
  • A family earning 35k cannot afford one child apparently, yet our wages/tax credits (just looking at this purely from a monetary perspective) care for five, it is about priorities and adjusting your lifestyle if you want more than one. When I am working full time again our combined incomes will see us not being eligible for tax credits (apart from childcare possibly) and we will still afford our children as we keep our outgoings low and are frugal.

Maybe we should all stop having children as who can realistically (not including some higher earners) in this day and age even afford childcare for just one or two children without support.

Tax payers pay into a pot and it is distributed to many different areas of welfare, many of them we will never use in our lifetime.
We pay for higher education, carers, state pensions and benefits, MPs, the Royal Family, Public Services and much more (I just cannot think off the top of my head)

Maybe we should abolish all tax and insurances, scrap all free education including primary/secondary, the whole welfare state, higher education loans Public Services, Armed forces etc etc and lets make it about survival of the fittest and those who are not 'fit' should be put in the workhouse.

I have responded via twitter and email to the author of the article but I have so far been ignored, I expect this is because they prefer to perpetuate the myth that large families, anyone who claims benefits is lazy and workshy.