the careys

the careys
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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Decree of Nullity........

Four years ago, on Monday 21st February 2011, Mar had his first interview with Liverpool Archdiocese to begin the process of having his first marriage annulled in  the eyes of the Catholic Church.

Witnesses were sought to support Mark in his view that he was married too quick and at a very young age and it went through various processes of 'Canon Law' where the marriage was analysed and scrutinised by three different panels.

Today, we have finally received the Decree of Nullity which means that the marriage is null and void in the eyes of the church which means that our marriage can now be convalidated in the catholic church!!  Basically, means we can get married in Church!!!

So, despite various attempts from some people to thwart the process, the catholic church agreed with Mark and the two witnesses (Lindsey and Sue) who very kindly supported him.

Now we have a ceremony to plan (I have already rang my local priest) and one hell of a party with CAKE!!!!  I didn't get my choice of wedding cake the first time around as I was told it had to be fruit *yuck, so I bought three from Marks and Spencer and some tower thingies and stuck it together myself. This time I want MY choice!

So much to plan, this year or next year, night away together or not, what to wear, where to have the reception and so on and so on........

The only thing certain is that Mark and I are thrilled to be able to renew our vows and have our, almost 14 year old marriage, blessed and validated in the catholic church.

Watch this space...

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Half term

I LOVE LOVE LOVE school holidays!!  Now work, just 3 lectures, and lots of family time.

We have baked, been to the cinema and had a meal at the Applewood Farm so far. I do have a short shift tomorrow and then lectures in the afternoon but from 1pm Friday I will be free until Monday!

Jason loves having his siblings home as well because he has someone to play with all the time.

The next few weeks shall be more manic than usual and I have a trip to London coming up to watch a debate in Westminster as part of the Parliamentors programme. I keep looking at my diary and counting down the days to my 'free time' and family time and holidays!

We still need to sort out the caravan ready for this season and actually get out in it but I think it will be Easter before we can :(

Jason gets his hearing aids fitted on Friday morning so this weekend I am hoping for a miracle with his speech........ please do not burst my bubble.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

On a mission..

Well, this has been quite an intense week so far!

Monday, I started work as a school health care assistant at 9am and had my 'induction'. My head was crammed with information that I was destined to forget. I left there at 11.30 and went to uni for my first lecture this semester where my head was filled with more information! Finally got home, after a quick GP appointment, at 5pm and Mark and I were out of the door by 6.30pm to see Peter Kay!

Was quite an exhausting day but I thoroughly enjoyed it all, especially Peter Kay.

Since Monday I have hit the ground running (albeit not literally!) and I have made a large amount of headway in learning my new role. This is where my excellent organisational skills are really being tested! thankfully I love diary's and calendars. It is quite refreshing to be in a role where they expect initiative and welcome suggestion, I can see me enjoying working within such a lovely team.

Jason had his first day at pre-school today and looked like a little worker with his lunchbox and rucksack. My little boy is growing up so fast! He had a lovely day, playing, painting, reading and making soup! I couldn't wait to pick him up and he obviously couldn't wait with the way he ran to me and flung himself in my arms!

I have two more days left of uni and work before the weekend and I cannot wait to have some free time!

On another note, my kidney problems are now bugging the hell out of me. My appointment with the Urologist is another two weeks away and my GP isn't really interested. So in the meantime I shall have to put up with the pain and discomfort. *sigh.

I now have all my marks back from the first semester and I have passed all my assignments, thankfully, will excellent marks. Now to work even harder this semester and improve even more! The only way is up!