the careys

the careys
and then there were 7!!

Saturday, 25 April 2015


10 reasons we love caravan and camping.

1) The simple life, minimal or no technology, and no TV.

2) We always pitch on a site that is not commercialised, happy to visit attractions, arcades, funfairs, shops etc but I don't want them on my doorstep.

3) Although our van is homely, I don't want it to be a replica of my home life, I like feeling I am on holiday.

4) We can hitch up in minutes and visit anywhere in the UK or Europe. Freedom!

5) The rain hammering on the roof,

6) Stepping out the door or awning onto dewy grass.

7) The lovely people we meet as member of the friendly club (C&CC).

8) The price of camping! £180 for a week in Scotland this year for 7 of us plus dogs, or £250 down south! and rallies can be as little as £7.50 per night for all of us!

9) Living off BBQs.

10) Our children learning valuable outdoor and life skills.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Steep learning curve

Most people who know me know how busy I am. I just like to be busy and if I have made a commitment I see it through and do not make excuses. Saying that, I am human and I do mistakes which I will always take responsibility for.

Others, it seems, do not......

I feel compelled to state exactly what I get up to:

I work two jobs
I attend lectures and seminars plus independent study for assignments
Independent Visitor
VFTS - I am now a trustee!!
Estate volunteer

Of course all this is secondary to my children and my home life.

I plan my time, taking into account that sometimes plans have to change, to ensure that I don't leave anything until the last minute, just in case.....

Each of my children has their own needs, appointments and they each want me at different times.

Everything I have taken on is thought about carefully first and if I make a commitment then I would not expect others to prop me up constantly.

So why am I doing that??

I have tried not to use my life as a way to shame someone but today I have to.

Why am I breaking my neck, working hard, sacrificing a social life and other pleasures to pick up the slack for those who just expect to piggy back on other peoples success and get credit for it!

Everyone gets ill, I myself have had illnesses over the past few months, kidneys in particular as well as chest and windpipe problems, my children have all been ill as well. Yet I have still communicated with colleagues and kept pace with my work.

I am not looking for pats on the back, recognition or even sympathy. I just want people to do what they say they will and if they cannot manage it then they should bow out gracefully.

What they shouldn't do is make false promises, stop all communication, do very little work and expect that to be rewarded.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Spring Break!

I have been ridiculously overworked for the past two months and everything finally caught up with me and a simple cold turned into an infected windpipe and a nasty chest infection to top it off. Which meant being signed off work for a week to recover.

I am back at work now but one of my jobs has to go, I have reached my limit when it impacts on my health!

Thankfully it is the Easter holidays now so I am spending lots and lots of extra time with my children and husband, still have to fit in my assignments though!

I have been busy with the write up for the Salford Advantage Award and the Parliamentors final piece of work as well as my actual uni assignments but I am doing ok with them and making sure I don't slip behind. I nearly put in a PMC for the last two as I have become so run down and still have on-going kidney issues but I managed to get them done without rushing them.

I have those two results this week that I am dreading, nothing new there, I don't think I will ever feel confident when submitting assignments, constantly doubting myself!

Still not got away in our 'van yet! but we should be hitching her up in a couple of weeks so I need to get my arse in there and give her a spring clean and spruce up!

I paid for a hypnotherapy gastric band last month and have had the pre-op so far and the virtual surgery is on the 16th April. Really hoping it works and taps into my sub-conscious. Since I stopped breastfeeding in January I have gained a stone and I am absolutely gutted. My will power is zero at the moment but I have signed up to a zumba class on a Thursday starting from this week so that shall be interesting, as uncoordinated as I am!

Think its time I went to bed...................