the careys

the careys
and then there were 7!!

Monday, 27 July 2015

Please do not mistake my kindness for weakness

Comments, clear lack of support, losing/changing friendships have all lead me to re-evaluate myself and as usual my blog serves the purpose of being therapeutic.

I may be:

willing to see the good in people
lacking in confidence at times

This does not mean I enjoy being:

gossiped about
used as a doormat

I am actually stronger than you may know and willing to take a leap of faith when necessary.

I have firm aspirations and goals in life that I know longer see as unreachable dreams. I may not shout them as loud as some and I may not exude the confidence in doing so, however, do not underestimate my tenacity, capability and on-going development.

I do not wish to change who I am but I do need to change who I keep close and who I keep my distance from.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

To tour or not to tour..........

Discussions in the Carey household this week raised the question of whether we should continue caravanning.

Apart from a week, maybe two, in the summer holidays and a weekend or two in September/October, we are unlikely to use the 'van until next summer. This is mainly due to work/volunteering/children's extra curricular activities and commitments, Owen having a job where he works Thursday and Friday, and of course I have my final year of uni to work hard for and Owen has his GCSEs!

Having holidays will not be top of the agenda until next summer so is it worth having the 'van parked on our driveway or should we sell it and use the money for a holiday this summer and next summer?!?

We keep swinging back and forth between decisions and cannot stick to one!

I love caravanning and will definitely miss the freedom and the peace and tranquility of the sites we visit. Not sure I fancy holidaying in commercialised resorts at all.
I fancy cottage holidays and maybe villa's in France or Italy.

We need to make a decision as we are due to go away on August 1st and currently have nowhere booked.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Manic Monday

What a day!

First day back to School after two weeks off meant an early start thanks to my alarm clock and noisy children. We were all up, dressed and out the door by 8.35am and to school on time.

I returned to various emails with regards to my flight times to Uganda (finally!) which you can read about on my sister page

Then I had my first of two marks released for my uni assignments. The first one was for the Citizenship module where I produced a 3000 word essay on how the concept of citizenship facilitates our understanding of the experience of women and the other was a 2000 word research proposal where I focused on women's choices in place of birth. I received 73% and 70% respectively and the feedback was great!
Being told my writing is compelling and a pleasure to read is always nice to hear.

My final year end of marks, provisionally overall, is 68.3% but only the top 5 module results are taken into account for my final degree classification so when I drop my lowest module mark of 63% it increases my overall mark to 69.3% which is scraping a first!! (A first is 68.5%).

I have the taste now so, taking on board my unofficial mentors wisdom and advice, I need to make my writing more effective to get that first overall. My dissertation, whether it is on Uganda or UK maternity has to be amazing.
I have my graduation from the Parliamentors and Active Citizenship programme next Monday in Westminster and I have just been nominated for another award for my volunteering.
My political career, which I will do a separate blog post about in due course, is beginning as I have just been appointed 'women's officer' for my local Labour Constituency Party in Leigh.

My main focus is my final year at university but I will make time, where possible, to continue my role as a trustee for Visit from the Stork, independent visiting, and being involved in my local community through the housing and Labour council. I do know my limitations which is why I am scaling back my commitments but I aim to still make a difference and be active.

In other news, Jason had a semi-clear hearing test today for the first time ever!! His hearing is still lessened on his left side but there are no signs of glue ear this time so we can ditch the hearing aids for a while and keep a close eye on him. His speech therapy assessment with a specialist was not quite as positive and it is believed that his speech disorder is not directly related to his hearing problems, although his reduced hearing will have impacted on it.
The fact that Jason can communicate his needs effectively in other ways and his understanding and concentration levels are above average is really really positive but it doesn't help us in trying to understand why he is unable to express himself verbally which is why it is a disorder and not a delay apparently.
However, we are working through the suggestions and strategies from the speech and language team and focusing on a few short words and using them repetitively, such as, up, down, wash etc etc to encourage him to copy the words. He has finally been able to say the word 'no' instead of 'ro' and 'car' instead of 'dar'. He is such a little sweetheart I just know he will get there in his own time and will charm everyone along the way with his gentle nature.

My medical issues are finally getting some help. I have just completed a 24 hour urine analysis (yuk!) to hopefully understand why my uric acid levels are always high and I have just had some blood tests to confirm that I have low in iron and folic acid which is possibly related to my bowel problems so I am being referred back to my consultant for further investigation.
My leg cramps are thought to be due to the lack of iron and folic acid so fingers crossed the tablets will work and I can get back to exercising and I can breathe a sigh of relief that it is not a DVT!
Whilst I was seeing my GP, I also had the lump in my breast examined again as I have now stopped breastfeeding for the last 6 months. He said it is nothing to worry about but of course to be vigilant and always get checked if something isn't right.
So, although not over with, I can at least relax a bit and just enjoy the coming summer months in Uganda and family holidays.

One final note, we are contemplating trading our tourer in for a static................