the careys

the careys
and then there were 7!!

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Back to uni

I have decisions to make and I am too indecisive.

I love my job, i love uni, my volunteer work and Parliamentors, I am also looking forward to being a high school mentor.
I have been offered a few jobs and I am down to two, both of which are fantastic opportunities and relevant to my future goals but I cannot do everything!

I could do with a crystal ball :)

Yesterday I was inspired again by a couple of people who directly and indirectly helped me so much at the start of my degree by offering general advice and confidence boosting motivational talks.
After speaking to the new first years yesterday I was approached by a few at the end of the session asking for bits of advice as they could relate to being out of education and feeling overwhelmed in the early days. I truly hope that what I said will help them to stay determined and focused and relax!

Now I need to take my own advice......

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

moving on up

The summer holidays are over and the children have returned to School. Martha is part time until next week when she will stay all day.
For the first time ever I missed taking one of my children to school for their first day. Instead I was on a three day residential training programme for 'Parliamentors'.

I initially planned to blog about my experience as soon as I returned home but as usual my feet have not touched the ground!
During the three days I met the other successful, awe-inspiring applicants from five different Universities and together we embarked on a highly intensive leadership training course where we developed new skills and acquired more knowledge that will assist us greatly now, whilst organising our social action project, and in the future as emerging and aspiring leaders.

The residential was just the beginning of our journey and I am so excited about the coming months.

My diary is becoming more packed each day with lectures, two jobs, two volunteer roles and the parliamentors programme; however, I am determined to succeed and as always my family will come first. Multi tasking and being highly organised is non negotiable in my life and failure is not an option.
Tell me I cannot do something only makes me more determined to.....

I have my first meeting tomorrow with my fellow cohorts where we will take the next steps in our social action project planning.

I need to maintain this confidence and believe in myself more.

In other news, Jason is 8 short weeks away from turning 2 which means it is also 8 weeks until we reach our 2 year milestone of breastfeeding as recommended by the WHO and for this I am feeling very proud indeed and I am looking forward to celebrating.
Peter is still waiting for his tonsils to be removed and continues to suffer with sleep apnea and disturbed sleep due to coughing and gagging. We had a few weeks of peace when the weather was warmer but now things are changing again.

It is only 15 weeks till Christmas

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Those who!

We had a lovely week away in Bala It was originally supposed to be for two weeks but a family decision was made to decrease it and adopt a puppy instead!
We found a lady who had puppies available with the same breeds as Bella and fell in love with one in particular who we have called Nessa. We picked her up the day after we returned from Bala and she has settled in lovely. Her character is starting to come out more each day and the children are all taking responsibility in caring for her and playing with her.

To add to the Carey madness, after being approved fosterers for Newfoundland rescue for over two years, we got a call to foster a male newfie called Monty, aged 7 years, and we picked him up on Tuesday!
He is a beautiful giant bear, who despite a few humping issues, is such a gentle and family centred dog. He has a long history of being with a family with children but sadly his fosterers were without children and other dogs and he was pining for the company and was crying all night long.
He has took a shine to me in particular and follows me everywhere but he is absolutely humongous!!

So, 2 adults, 5 children and three dogs!!  welcome to our insane zoo.

Mark and I have both been off work this week and have spent our time settling in the two new pooches and I have had an interview (also got the job) and I received notification that I have been accepted onto the Parliamentors programme!
I have two more interviews this week and then I can make a decision and organise my ever expanding diary of work, uni, family and volunteer commitments (not necessarily in that order).

I bumped into my lovely lecturer today at uni whilst I was sorting out my student railcard. She is already aware of most of the extra commitments I have and said to me 'those who' and that I feel is a positive mantra to follow.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014


Four more days and my beautiful children all finish School for the long summer break and I cannot wait!

I received their School reports today and overall I am thrilled with their progress, meeting their targets and exceeding them in some!  Monica in particular has come on really well this year and her confidence continues to increase.
Both children are apparently 'quiet' yeah right!!  and both are described as being well behaved and a pleasure to teach.
Martha's end of year Nursery report was equally full of praise! and Owen is excelling in all areas, ready to start his GCSE work in September.

So, much to celebrate and much to look forward to this Summer before we all go back to School and Uni.

Jason is trying to say some words, he still babbles and refers to many things as 'ma' but is trying new sounds at the moment, his understanding of everything we say to him is really good though so I have no worries over his communication skills. He certainly lets me know when he wants milk.

Peter is still waiting to have tonsils out but the waiting list is now a year! so in the meantime, he is still having disturbed sleep due to his sleep apnea. His tonsils have also started to swell more often and his throat looks red all the time, coughing doesn't help.
I have him lay next to me at the moment, he doesn't feel well but School have already commented on his 'fair' attendance in his report so am worried about him having more time off! Not really sure what I am supposed to do when he has three different consultants to see twice in a School year at least, plus the usual illnesses. He has had chicken pox this year and chest infections. Next school year he will have to be off for a couple of weeks after his tonsillectomy. I have heard of people having education welfare involved due to a child having a lot of time off and even being fined, despite having a medical condition so the whole situation worries me.

I am still waiting to hear about my interview from last week, I am stalking my emails constantly hoping they will let me know sooner rather later but they will probably keep me waiting.

Thursday, 10 July 2014


Yesterday I embarked on a day trip to London for an interview. I applied for the 'Parliamentors' programme a few weeks back and quite unexpectedly was offered an interview!

It is a scheme open to undergraduates in their second year with an opportunity to be mentored by an MP and develop a community project in your area.
Of course this would look great on a CV plus gaining experience and networking opportunities.

The interview went really well. It started with a 20 minute interview one to one where I was asked various questions surrounding my suitability, reasons for applying and my aspirations. I feel I sold myself well and only went off on a passionate tangent once!

Then it was 'question time' where two interns asked the group specific questions. One was about faith schools and whether they adopted British values and were inclusive, whether they should be state funded and the final question asked us whether we felt there was a place for faith within politics.

We were a diverse group, from very different backgrounds and faiths so it was interesting hearing other perspectives. However, I ensured I had my voice heard and seemed to gained the respect of the others, I enjoyed having an intelligent and respectful debate!

Then we were split into two group, given a task, then we had 30 minutes to discuss and arrange a campaign to be delivered in a 5 minute presentation.
Our campaign was to do with the homeless and we had 12 weeks to organise something.

We decided on a name 'off the streets' and detailed our clear aims and exactly how we would approach this in reality. We all became very involved and together we put together a solid presentation with a clear view of how it would work in practice. The presentation went very well and the interviewers seemed to agree.

I was the oldest one there; however, instead of feeling out of place, I felt at ease. I had just as much to offer, if not more, than the others and I enjoyed hearing other political perspectives.

I really hope I am successful and offered a place on the scheme but if not, the interview experience alone was fantastic and I will take the skills I acquired along with me.