Saturday, 2 March 2013

tick-tock tick-tock.......

I can literally feel each minute the clock ticks by!

Monday is getting closer and closer, I have Peters 5th Birthday party in the morning which will be a welcome distraction, then after that I have packing to do when no doubt, reality will set in and I will have to keep my highly charged emotions in check.

I showed Peter his scar today and explained how it got there and how he may have a new one next week.
We spoke about cannula's and anaesthetic (both of which he has had before, lots of times but he doesn't remember)

My boy took all this in his stride but he did hold tightly onto his new 'puppy' bought for him to take with him to hospital to remind him of me and his brothers and sisters when we are not there.

To make things harder, Json has a chest infection.

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